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It’s very important to measure the true success or failure of your business dealings. Through proper bookkeeping, you can identify your debtors, creditors, business results, financial opportunities, restrict cash-flow problems, and also find ways to increase revenue or decrease expenditure.Any business would require some kind of bookkeeping irrespective of the size of business. Several benefits of bookkeeping include the ability to pay the several taxes, bills, wages and expenses.From a business owner’s perspective, bookkeeping is so essential for the smooth operation of the business and is an integral part of a business.

Biz Accounting Solutions Ltd provide Bookkeeping solutions in Reading, Berkshire UK at a very competitive price with full accuracy. We have from our experience mastered the techniques through which we can provide full Bookkeeping service in Reading, Berkshire UK a very quick and cost efficient manner.

Bookkeeping is an essential element in any form of business and its success but finding the right person to do the bookkeeping could be challenging. As a business, you would want somebody to post day-to-day transactions and can provide the regular reporting in order to run the business operations which will enable you to concentrate on core business activity and business development.

Value Added Tax (VAT) It is wrongly believed that VAT is an extra tax and burden on small businesses, but once you get VAT registered and if you keep your business accounts organised, it shouldn’t be too much of problem.

Basically, the business that charges VAT acts as a tax collector for the government. The business then hands over only the difference between the amounts of VAT charged to customers and the amount that the business been charged by their supplier.

Below is the list of types of VAT schemes available to choose for businesses.

  • Standard Accounting
  • Cash Accounting Scheme
  • Annual Accounting
  • Flat rate percentage

The most common scheme used is Standard Accounting. However, we understand the different business situation and needs, and we can advise you which scheme is best suited to your business model.It will not be wrong to say that VAT preparation and bookkeeping goes together. Our Bookkeeping service in Reading, Berkshire UK will also include VAT preparation and submission and a very cost effective solution to a business.VAT rules are becoming more and more complex, and so are the penalties for failure to file the correct VAT returns can be very high. Hence you need someone whom you can trust and is up to date with their VAT rule and provide correct advice to minimise the VAT bill.We can do the entire task from VAT registration to VAT preparation and submission to HMRC for you at a very reasonable price. VAT preparation reading offers services throughout Berkshire, UK and surrounding areas.  Please use our online quote toolbar to find out the cost of services you want, and we are confident to beat any prices of services of our standards.

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