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Tax is the most important aspect of any business, and most of us are usually concerned about the final tax liability. We understand this as a genuine concern, and we work very hard to save you tax. Our knowledge and experience in tax help our clients to reduce tax. Through our tax return services in Shinfield we not only make the most of the available allowances and exemptions but also advise the clients beforehand and use tax planning techniques so that tax saving can be achieved in future.Following are the areas we specialise in:


Self Assessment Tax Return in Reading, Berkshire UK

Preparing and filing the accurate return can be very time consuming and a real headache. We provide a fixed price service for a basic tax return in Reading, Berkshire UK from £50. For more complex tax return, please use our free online quote toolbar to get a fixed price quote or contact us.

We can register you for self-assessment and apply for your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number. We also specialise in preparing rental accounts for Landlords and calculate the tax due along with submitting the tax return.

Corporation Tax Return in Reading, Berkshire UK

All limited companies have to file Corporation Tax return together with tax computation and accounts irrespective of profit or loss in the business. It also applies to any foreign companies operating through a UK branch or office and a club.

Corporation tax rules are very vast and complex.What expenses are allowed or disallowed can only be known by having knowledge of detailed tax rules. Being the most renowned Chartered Certified Accountant in Reading,we invest a lot on keeping ourselves updated with changes in the tax rules. We understand each business carefully so that we can minimise their tax liability.

Inheritance tax Inheritance Tax (IHT) is the tax due on the estate of someone who’s dead. There is no IHT payable if the value of your personal estate is less than the threshold of £325,000 or you if leave all of your estate to your spouse or civil partner or a charity. The threshold increases to £500,000 if you give away your home to your children or grandchildren. Together with your spouse, you can get in a total threshold of £1 million. The standard rate is 40%, and it’s only charged on the remaining part of your estate that is above the threshold.

IHT tax rules are even more complicated and require a careful planning and advice. Our tax advisor in Reading can advise you appropriately and help you avoid or pay as little as possible.

Capital gains taxCapital Gains Tax is a tax due on the profit when you sell or dispose an asset at a higher value than it costs.

There are certain assets which are tax-free, and you won’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax. There is also a tax free allowance for capital gain tax purpose which is available each year.

If the gain amount is within the basic Income Tax band, you will pay 10% on your gains (or 18% in case of residential property). You pay 20% (or 28% in case of residential property) on any amount above this.

Capital gains computation can be very complicated and requires thorough understanding and careful planning to avoid paying too much or unnecessary tax.

Tax advisory and consultancy in Reading, Berkshire UK Biz Accounting Solutions Ltd provide tax advisory and consultancy in Reading, Berkshire UK to all individuals and businesses. All our existing clients benefit from tax advice without any restriction on a number of times they can call us. We also keep them updated with recent and forthcoming changes in taxation rules so that they plan in advance and save tax.

We work hard for our client to reduce their tax bill and justify every penny of our fees.

We offer free tax consultation to prospective clients. Please call us and find out more.
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