A Brief Account of VAT charged on a Mixed Property in the UK

Before we get into the thick of things in regards to VAT charged on mixed property, let’s find out what a mixed property is. Going by the legal definition in accordance to the UK laws, a property that has both residential as well as non-residential elements in it can be termed as a mixed property. 

Naturally, the norms of tax and the basis of calculation of tax will be different from the regular properties. With the tax-related norms varying, the VAT on these mixes is also supposed to be different from the other ‘regular’ properties. It is the responsibility of the professional accountants in Reading or elsewhere in the UK to guide their clients on this subject. 

Payment of Tax on mixed properties

Supply of property, for instance, letting, is generally exempted from VAT. However, when you opt to tax the said property, that move will by default change the scenario. In other words, if you are the landlord, it is compulsory for you to charge VAT on the rent. More importantly, when seen from your perspective (i.e. the landlord’s perspective), it will allow you to reclaim the VAT that has been paid on the expenses that you have incurred in regards to the property. 

It is true that paying taxes and notifying HMRC about the same Is pretty simple and straightforward, but there are certain complications that may arise here and there. However, when you have professional accountants in Wokingham advising you, these problems should not bother you any longer. These professionals will help to go through the complications while filing the property tax and the subsequent complications wherein your property is being used for both non business as well as business purpose.  

Now there is a catch. The option of tax cannot be applicable to any part of your property that is used for dwelling or residential purpose. For instance, a living accommodation located just above the commercial section of property. In these cases, the property remains exempted, regardless of the treatment of VAT that is charged on the rent, if any.   

In these situations, the professional accountants in Reading will come in handy. These professionals would suggest that you notify the same to the tenant beforehand, and help them with the date the option is applicable from. Once that is done, your accountant would advise you to provide the tenants with the copy of the letter, which the HMRC will give you, acknowledging your option.

NO VAT Recovery

When you are not entitled to reclaim VAT that is paid on the expenses exclusively relating to the exempted portion of the property, for the expenses that relate to both the commercial and residential portions, i.e. maintenance and repairing of roof, and the likes, a certain quantity of the VAT can be reclaimed. This particular rule would permit you to work out the reclaimable VAT with the use of reasonable and fair methodology. Again, a professional tax advisor in Reading will help you in this. 

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